Madhappy for Sant Ambroeus Preview

Photography: Ethan Ming

Sant Ambroeus was first born in Milan, when two pastry chefs joined forces to open a café. It didn’t take long for it to become the meeting place for the local intelligentsia. As Sant Ambroeus expanded across the Atlantic to Manhattan, it has remained true to its Milanese origins. In the cafes and trattorias of Italy, time often stands still. Meals are savored, not rushed; drinks are sipped, then refilled; and conversation flows between each course. Inside, there are no commitments, no deadlines, no waiters rushing you to turn over the table. These are sacred spaces that celebrate the important connection between food, friends, and family. Together with Sant Ambroeus, we are proud to present our capsule collection to honor that spirit of connection. Throughout all of their locations across the globe, the soul is always the same: quality, craftsmanship, and the warm feeling of being among friends & family.